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My Sweet Angel

My Sweet Angel
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Return to Zero

A few months ago I heard through the grapevine, aka Facebook, that there was a movie being produced that centered around stillbirth.  Great, I thought,  but I know there have been others and not much has come of them.  Then I found out this one was different, it was a "real" Hollywood film,  with real actors, hmmm.  THEN I read the synopsis and almost fell over...wait, that's my life!  AWESOME!  I'm looking forward to this!  THEN, I found out about an amazing opportunity to have Elise included in the film credits!  Of course a movie of this topic is not getting the big bucks banking that Hollywood movies usually do, so the movie people are asking for help from "the babyloss community" (and other citizens) and in return are offering the opportunity to dedicate an “In Loving Memory of…” credit at the end of the film. The donation amount for this is $250.  Not a whole lot of money, but still, a WHOLE LOT of money!  I have been debating back and forth, then the deadline started to roll around and I started thinking about it more.  Now the deadline is in just 3 days and I've decided I really want to do it.  Elise is worth $250 (and a whole lot more) but I have to be realistic in that I also have 4 living children to think about and for me, $250 is a bit of a financial strain on our family.  Then (the teacher in me is cringing at my non use of varied transition words!) I remembered Madison and how many people came together to help her out.  Yeah, this situation is totally different, but as I browsed the funding site for her when it was first created, I found that people were asking for funding for all sorts of stuff, so I thought, why not me?  Why not Elise?  I only need $250.  That's only $5 from 50 people or $10 from 25 or $20 from 13!  I have over 400 friends on Facebook!  I'm also in the Fundraising mode as I have been working on Elise's Bingo and other things for the mom's group I help run.  I've been asking for money for months, but not for me, not for Elise.  This time, the money would directly benefit us, why not ask?  What can it hurt?  So here it is, my request for your help and support.  Please help me share this request, not just to get me money, but to share my sweet Elise's story and to promote this wonderful film project.  Thank you!

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