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My Sweet Angel

My Sweet Angel
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Friday, November 18, 2011

I don't want to upset anyone, but

I've been seeing a lot of people arriving at the end of their pregnancies lately.  Naturally they are excited and uncomfortable.  The end of pregnancy complaining doesn't really bother me. I know for a lot of BLMs it does bother them and that's ok, but for me, I understand the feeling of being done and ready to move on to the next chapter.  What does bother me is the fact that so many people fail to realize (or at least acknowledge) that the next chapter may not be what you are expecting.

I keep seeing all the ticker updates of babies who are 35, 36, 37 weeks and reading mom's plans and excitement, which is great, I am happy for them, but at the same time I want to shake them (or post on their FB wall at least) IMAGINE YOUR BABY DIEING TODAY!  Imagine going into labor thinking now is the time to meet this new little person only to wind up holding a lifeless body and leaving the hospital empty handed.  What a horrible thought, who would ever want to think that for even a second...but maybe if they did, they would have just an ounce of compassion and empathy for what happened to me...I mean REAL compassion and empathy, the kind where your heart hurts.  It's almost impossible to fully comprehend the tragedy of losing a baby if you have not experienced it.  I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but this is the closest way another person could "feel my pain" without actually experiencing it...then maybe people wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it.

Don't get me wrong, I am so very fortunate to have so many wonderful friends who support me, but there seem to be some who just don't get it.  It is these people I want to message and ask them to imagine my situation for a second, but alas, it probably isn't proper and I would just look like more of a nut.  BUT, my hope in posting this is that if another BLM were to come across this having had this same feeling, she will know she isn't alone and she isn't crazy.  I mean after all, that's a lot of what this blog is here for.

In Hope and Healing,


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