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My Sweet Angel

My Sweet Angel
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ticket Liquidator Donation

I've posted before about all the mail I have been receiving as donations to Elise's Event.  Each and every one means the world to me...that someone somewhere read Elise's story and took the time to send me a product of some sort to help raise money for Elise's Memorial Fund at First Candle.  TicketLiquidator in particular touched my heart.  It wasn't the donation item or amount, it was the presentation.  Similar to the warm fuzzy feeling I got when I saw the postcard from the Raven's addressed to Elise, this one brought tears to my eyes.   Someone took the time to not only check out my blog, but to copy Elise's picture and First Candle's logo to include on the certificate.  It is simply stunning...don't you agree?  :)
In addition to the certificate, they also sent a pile of coupons to use on their site...check 'em out at


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