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My Sweet Angel

My Sweet Angel
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A bereaved big sister

written by my 14 year old in 2010

One year ago today , you were born . Er , stillborn is the more correct term . I think , one year ago at this exact moment , I was in the hospital hoping to meet my baby sister . It all happened so fast , i barely remember it . I just remember being confused , I didn't understand . All of a sudden you were just gone . Without any warning or signs . No one could have expected it . But now , I still can't say I understand , but I can see the peek of sunshine in the darkness . You are watching over me , over everyone . Mommy , Ella , Mr.Mike , Autumn , Andrew , and everyone else . You're keeping us safe from heaven . I'm thankful to know you're safe also . It's been a long , hard year for everyone . And we're all still hurting . Your mom is probably the strongest woman I will ever know , and we all are lucky to have her . I can't wait to meet you baby Elise , It will be a moment worth this lifetime .

L/I/P; Elise Renee Tagliaferri , Gone , But most definitely not forgotten .
And no , that's not a typo , Elise is very much alive in heaven , so i refer to her as living in peace .


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